Jog the Dog


Jog the Dog Logo FinalTravis Otto is the man behind Jog the Dog. Grace Dog Training & Behavior needed a confident, dog-savvy, caring individual to help families exercise their dogs safely. Travis is our head Runner and Power Walker. He started this physical and mental fitness program in the spring of 2008.

Some dogs run with Travis 2–3 times per week in all kinds of weather, where others will run one time per week in just the warm summer months.

Travis has been trained by Ana on how to handle encounters with geese, squirrels, other runners, baby-strollers, and other dogs. Many of our running dog clients have leash reactivity issues that Ana and their families have been working on. Running with Travis is an added bonus to their emotional and physical health.

If you so desire, we can also help you and your dog to run together safely.

If you would like to hear more about this brilliant program, or to schedule a get to know you session, please contact us.

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