Frequently Asked Questions:

My dog bit my neighbor! What do I do?Call 303.238.3647 or email Ana immediately!My dog is lunging and barking at other dogs while on leash. What do I do?You’ll want to start with a private in-home session with Ana to evaluate the situation and put a program in place.My puppy is biting my hands and at my feet. What do I do?Let’s get you into our S.T.A.R. Puppy class right away. An in-home private session for some one-on-one guidance is a great idea too.I’d love to have my dog try Agility. How do we get started?Check out our class descriptions for Agility Foundations 1 and let’s get you started. It’s so much fun.My dog runs away when I call him. What do I do?Check out our Total Recall class or contact Ana. We’ll teach you how to set him up for success.I want my dog to learn some cool tricks. How do we get started?Check out our Tricks Class or try a private session with Ana.Our family is ready for a dog. Ana, will you help us choose the right dog?Ana can guide you in making good sound choices. Contact Us.We’re getting a puppy soon. How do we prepare for her arrival?

Let’s schedule a private in-home session with us to help you puppy proof your home and set the boundaries and house-rules before your bundle of fluff arrives.

We’re expecting our 1st baby. How can we prepare our dog for the arrival?Set up a private in-home session with Ana. She will prepare you and your dog for what to come. Ana has experienced this herself and is very successful in teaching families what to expect.I want my veterinary staff to learn safe handling skills. Can you help us with that?Contact Ana directly with your questions and needs. She will plan a workshop series for your staff at your location.